Renovations and Facelifts

16 03 2012

So you may be wondering, why is there so much construction going on in the rink? What’s up with the smell of paint and sawdust? What is going on!?

Well, SDIA is undImageergoing a major facelift and we are in the midst of giving the rink a new look it hasn’t seen in years. Every year, 30% of our general income is alloted to improvements of the building. This year, we are reimaging the inside with some large murals and displays, as well as updating the paint. According to both CEO Phillip Linssen and GM Gaston Larios, “You will be seeing new images/displays around the rink which will illustrate both the mission of the rink itself and highlights of each separate program (i.e. Figure, Hockey and Novice programs). Each image will consist of participants of a program and words synonomous with our mission, as an ice rink. The colors will stay consistent with our traditional blue and white, with the additon of red to help bring some warmth to the environment” We can’t show you previews quite yet, but the printers are running and the displays are on their way!

Well what can we look forward to?

We have already implemented a few additions to the rink that you may or may not have seen.

Most recently, the parking lot was resurfaced. Every 3 years, we refinish the blacktop and repaint the parking lines.


There is a huge barbeque which has been installed outside in the rear corner of the rink. This is offered to all our programs to add to our family atmosphere. The Hockey and Figure programs have already made use of this facility in hosting monthly parties for any participants and their families.


The Pro Shop even got its own facelift, streamlining many of the ways they display products and adding little tidbits to increase their attention to excellent customer service.

Even our Zamboni is getting cleaned up for the new year. Each Zamboni will be meticulously disassembled, cleaned, painted and reassembled by our own maintenance crew, led by Ricardo.

There is a lot more maintenance and suprises in the works, but stay tuned as we will be talking about our new green initiative and how we contribute to sustainability.


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