Christmas Show

7 12 2012

Make sure to come by to see our amazing Christmas show tomorrow, 12/8/12! Show times are 12p, 330p and 7p. Tickets are available at the door, but we do run the risk of selling out!

Thanksgiving Schedule

19 11 2012

Thanksgiving Schedule


27 09 2012

Fundraising is an integral part for any non profit organization, or any group for that matter of fact. Here at San Diego Ice Arena, we have one of the best fundraiser programs around. Yes, better than selling candy bars. I sat down and talked with Kammy Sheridan, our head of Groups and Fundraisers, about what makes our program the best:

How long have you been working on fundraisers?

I have been working at the rink since 2005 and have been developing the fundraiser programs since 2006

What is the biggest selling point for our fundraiser program?

Our fundraiser program boasts a 50% profit, directly paid out to your organization. I have never seen anything else that gives 50% back, most programs only are around 20%

That sounds really good! So how does the fundraiser run?

The fundraiser revolves around skating, you pick a day, we give you 100 custom made tickets to sell and then you and your group come skating. If you want more tickets, we definitely can make that happen.

What kind of groups do this fundraiser?

We have all age groups from 8-25 years old. The majority of the groups are high school and college groups/clubs. I’ve seen college sororities, PT groups, elementary schools, and high school key clubs.

When are the better days to hold the fundraiser?

We do these primarily on the weekends; Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Friday during our Teen Meltdown is really popular because we have a snowball fight about half way through the session. The session also has a club like atmosphere with the lights off, disco lights on, live on ice DJ, etc.

Saturday and Sundays are more low key, the session is more geared towards the younger ages groups, so a good for fundraiser for younger kids 8-12. We still have the on ice DJ and they play plenty of games on the ice; it’s still a lot of fun!

On average, how much money would you say it brings in for the customer?

The average customer just works with the initial 100 tickets we give them and on average they bring in at least $50. We’ve definitely had groups bring in a lot more, up to $1,000 off of one fundraiser!

It really is an easy way to make some money and have some fun at the same time

What is included?

We provide you custom made tickets; just let us know 2 colors that you want on there. You get 2.5 hours of ice skating with skate rentals included and a whole lot of memories to be made

Is this low risk?

Very. It is low risk, no deposits with no money down.

This sounds too good, is it easy to sell?

Surprisingly yes, it is very easy to sell. People never think about ice skating in San Diego. That and they don’t know ice rinks exist here, even though we’ve been in the same building since the 70s! When you bring it up, I think it invokes that feeling of something out of their element and they are excited to try a new activity.

Okay, so this is all awesome, 50% profit, ice skating, snowball fights, how do I make a reservation!?

Well it’s simple: You can call me at 858-530-1825 or email me at . You pick the date, provide me the ticket information and that’s it!

Well there you have it, book your reservation now!

Rolling Into Fall/Winter

7 09 2012

What an adventurous summer we’ve had. Thank you to all the YMCA’s and Summer Camps who joined us for fun, every day here at SDIA. Congratulations also goes out to the teams who played in our annual Fun In The Sun Hockey tournament. Our SDIA teams brought home Pee Wee A Gold Medal, Bantam B Gold Medal, Squirt B Gold Medal and a Squirt B Silver Medal. Not a bad showing!

Now, I know it may have been a little hectic for all you people use to quiet public sessions and morning freestyle, but ready for the good news? Are you sure…? FALL IS HERE!!! Yes. That means it does quiet down a little during our morning public sessions and freestyle sessions. This also means our schedule changes ever so slightly:

Morning Freestyles revert back to our old schedule:

Add  9:45-10:30a session

Afternoon session is ONLY 2:15-3p

Public Sessions Monday-Friday will be from 11-2p

Pickup Hockey is Canceled on Friday until further notice.

If you have any questions, check out for more information

New Birthday Party Package

10 08 2012

ImageOur famous all inclusive party package is changing!

But don’t worry, it’s just ever so slightly. Our outrageous party packages now includes 15 kids instead of 10 and as well a 1/4 sheet cake instead of the small 8″ round. The best part about it all, we have teamed up with O’s American Kitchen (formerly Pat N’ Oscars) as our new food provider. That’s right, you can now add on those delicious breadsticks to your party package! Don’t miss out on our all inclusive party package which still includes 3 pizzas, a salad, cake, ice cream, punch, goodie bags, a personalized party host as well as skating and games for 3.5 hours! Phew! Say that all in one breath…

Reserve your party now as slots fill up quick!

For more information check out our website at

Call Me Maybe

18 07 2012

Summer is in full swing here at SDIA and we love to have fun. Over the course of a month, footage was shot and compiled of our amazing, energetic and shameless staff. They were eagerly willing to step in front of the camera, not knowing what the end result would be. Well here it is. Help us out, share it, repost it, send it out, we need to go viral!

Birthday Party Extraordinaire

28 04 2012

This month we will be highlighting our amazing birthday parties. If you haven’t already seen one in action, you’re surely missing out. Our parties revolve around our public skating sessions on Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm. Prices include the first 10 kids, 3 pizzas, salad, cake, punch, ice cream, goody bags, present bags…is that enough? Oh, and a personalized party host for each party, we call them Skate Heroes. We even teach the kids to skate, parents too, but no guarantees on triple axels your first time out! As exciting and memorable birthdays are, we want you to be relaxed and enjoy your time with your birthday child, so we take care of everything from the pictures, to entertainment and cleanup; it’s all taken care of. Not convinced yet? We sat down with our superstar party manager Pickle aka Brittany to get her insight on our party extravaganzas

How long have you been doing parties?

 Pickle: I have been managing and hosting parties for the past 6 years

In your eyes, what makes our parties so cool?

P: The experience the birthday child gets is probably the best feeling in the world. Our skate heroes personalize the entire party for the birthday child and focus their attention on them. We make sure the spotlight is on them, but also make sure all the participants are entertained. Don’t worry, we’ll entertain the adults too!


If you were a kid, what would be your favorite part of the party?

P: Decorating the cake. We put the names on the cake, but the kids get to decorate their own cakes with sprinkles, gummy worms, icing, the works. 

What if you were a parent?

P: Parents love our parties because they can spend time mingling with the other parents and not have to worry about taking care of the kids. Our skate heroes manage the party from start to finish, from serving food, skating lessons and even the cleanup

How would you describe our Party Hosts in 3 words?

P: Fun, Energetic, AMAZING!!

Any big names celebrities stop by?

P: We recently had Cabana Boy Geoff have his daughter’s party here. A few other names have stopped by in the past as well

What can we look forward to?

P: We are remodeling our Zaney Qub room for our Zaney Parties, this is the private room for our Zaney Party package. We are also in the process of getting new food for all the parties and most recently, we started showing off our On-Ice Live DJ Booth, fully stocked with glow sticks and glasses

Well there you have it. If you have any questions, feel free to call and talk to a friendly staff member and they can walk you through the whole party process. Also check out our Facebook or Website for more information and fun action shots


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